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Events Coordinator Volunteer

United Way is looking for an events coordinator volunteer! We need someone, or multiple people, who are detail-oriented to work alongside our Community Relations Manager to plan our Over The Edge celebration event. Over The Edge is a unique peer-to-peer fundraising event where individuals raise $1,000 to rappel off of the top of Towers South on Southeast Missouri State University’s campus. This event is being held on May 20th, 2022.

We are seeking help for our celebration event on May 18th from 5-7:30 PM. This event is a celebration for our Edgers to give them the encouragement they need to rappel on Friday. We will use this opportunity to thank all of our Edgers for their fundraising, the donors for their contributions, sponsors for their investment, and volunteers for the hard work they are about to do Friday as well.

We are looking for someone or multiple people who are experienced in event planning to help us plan and execute this event for May 18th, 2022. We are well underway with planning and are in the process of contacting vendors, we are just looking for a little extra help!

Responsibilities may include:

  • Communicating with volunteer groups to acquire needed volunteers
  • Communicating with vendors such as catering, band, rentals, etc.
  • Communicating with UWSEMO staff for any additional needs

If you are interested, please fill out the form below!


Over The Edge – Ropes Volunteer


Separate from event volunteers, we will need 10-12 Rope Volunteers to assist OTE’s technical team on Media/VIP Day and Event Day.

Although we prefer individuals who have experience working with rope, such as climbers, cavers, firefighters, and SWAT, becoming a rope volunteer is open to anyone with an enthusiastic and safety-conscious mindset. The highly trained technical staff at Over The Edge provides all the training that they will need during a session on the day prior to the event.  

Rope Volunteers will be expected to:  

  1. Watch a 1-hour online video before the event (if first time as Ropes Volunteer)  
  2. Attend a 3-hour training session on Media/VIP Day (if first time as Ropes Volunteer) 
  3. Volunteer all day on event day Rope volunteers will get to rappel the building as part of their training; schedule permitting. 

Specific duties:  

  • Roof – Support Site Safety Supervisor at main rappel area, help to load edgers and coach them over the edge 
  • Training – Support Training Manager in training all edgers before they go over the edge 
  • Staging – Support Staging Manager, help get edgers into gear and ready to go on the roof 
  • Landing Zone – Belay ropes and assist edgers when they finish their rappel Important Items:

Benefits for Ropes Volunteers ONLY:

  • Ropes Volunteers will receive a bracelet made from retired rope
  • Ropes Volunteers will receive a T-shirt
  • Ropes Volunteers will have the opportunity to rappel without raising minimum donation ($1,000 value).

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Raechel at and register here. 

▪ Once registered as a Ropes Volunteer on OTE’s website, you will receive an automated response confirming the registration, which provides information about the training webinar. 10 days before the event you will receive an email from OTE with specific event details.