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Below are many opportunities for you to invest your time and talents to help United Way and our partner agencies. Be sure to also look at our Committees, where you will find many other opportunities to help our organization and our community.

Who decides where the money United Way raises each year goes? Concerned, caring people like you make that decision, and YOU can be one of them by volunteering to serve on our Allocations Review Panel. United Way’s allocations process is a great place to learn about our community, meet interesting and committed people from all walks of life, develop leadership skills and help one in three people in the region. Interested in making a positive difference? Contact Elizabeth Shelton or call 573-334-9634 for information about this volunteer opportunity. Click here to complete our Volunteer Interest Form.

Read to Succeed
Read to Succeed volunteers read with a student one on one for 30-40 minute time periods four days a week. Volunteers can donate a minimum of one day per week of their time or more depending on their schedule. A maximum of 24 students are selected by their teachers to participate in the program each semester. Each school operates their reading program on a specific time schedule, and volunteers may select the times that fit their schedule. For more information please contact Robin Koetting or visit our Read to Succeed page.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Missouri
Volunteers are always welcome at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Missouri. There are always opportunities for volunteers to gain hours by helping our members with homework, planning/partaking in an arts and crafts, physical or other programming activities or creating a special event for a group of volunteers, staff and members to participate in. For more information contact Stephani Schuchart or Carol Childers.

Habitat for Humanity-New Builds
Habitat for Humanity is currently in the process of building 2 houses in Cape and 1 in Jackson, and they're looking for volunteers to help work on the construction projects. The Jackson house is already in construction. One of the Cape houses has just begun the foundation work and will soon need volunteers. The second house is scheduled to start work by the end of September. For more information contact Al Stoverink or Preety Pradhan.

Habitat for Humanity-Restore
Habitat for Humanity is seeking out volunteers to help with customer service and/or merchandise sorting at their ReStore located in Cape Girardeau. For more information contact Al Stoverink or Preety Pradhan.

Salvation Army
Salvation Army is looking for volunteers to assist with the after school program. Individuals would mentor, tutor and build relationships with students in the 5th through 12th grade. 3:30 to 4:30 is reserved for study time, while from 4:30 to 7:00 students will go over life lessons, including social skills, etiquette, job skills, career exploration, nutrition, physical fitness and more. For more information contact Mike Bowers.

Voices for Children
CASA provides well-trained court appointed volunteers to speak on behalf of child victims of abuse and neglect who are in foster care in the 32nd Judicial Circuit of Missouri. Volunteers undergo a thirty-hour training, are sworn in as officers of the Court, and are assigned to a case. Their job is to advocate on behalf of the child/children in their case to the Court. The CASA volunteer is there primarily for the child, speaking in their best interest. Volunteers investigate the case, getting to know the principals of the case, the facts, and the current situation. They facilitate the delivery of services which have been mandated for the child and family. At each court hearing they advocate for the child to the Court, sharing the progression of the case since the last hearing. They continue to monitor the case for the duration, until the Court terminates jurisdiction. For more information contact Gina Brockmire.

Fostering Futures
The Fostering Futures Program is a supplemental program to CASA’s advocacy program, which is designed to serve youth ages 14-18 who will, most likely, age out of foster care. The program is designed to assist youth in a successful transition from foster care to adulthood. Fostering Futures volunteers undergo the mandated thirty-hour CASA training program and an additional eight-hour Fostering Futures training to guide them in dealing with issues faced by transitioning youth. Fostering Futures volunteers will spend more one on one time with the youth in their cases, setting and working toward goals, assisting youth in acquiring practical knowledge, such as budgeting, setting doctor’s appointments, finding jobs and housing, and engaging in healthy relationships, how to locate and access community resources, and in general, developing knowledge and skills to facilitate a successful transition to adulthood. For more information contact  Gina Brockmire.


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