United Way of Southeast Missouri believes a healthy region is a strong region, and our health greatly affects our ability to thrive at home, school and work. We connect our most vulnerable neighbors with the resources they need to lead healthier lives.

The need for healthy resources is especially prevalent in the elderly community. With your support, we work to improve the quality of senior services that provide a safe haven for senior citizens every day. These are the cornerstones of social, emotional and physical health for older adults in the community. We ensure that older adults have access to nutritious meals and more. Thanks to our ability to watch trends and get involved in the community firsthand, we know that our region’s senior population is only growing, so we put forth efforts to create a system of care that’s ready to support them.

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2017 IMPACT Report

Partner Agencies

A.P.P.L.E. Project

Hoover Center

Jackson Senior Center

Little Whitewater Baptist Church Food Pantry

Safe House for Women

Voices for Children (CASA)

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