Purpose: Provide independent contractors, realtors, attorneys, direct sales professionals and small business owners the opportunity to pledge funds without having to run a traditional campaign.

Commitment: Individual pledge card would be completed with money or quarterly payments to United Way of Southeast Missouri. 

The #IPledge program is an opportunity for small businesses to invest in United Way that is good for their business and their community, because a strong community is everyone’s business. Participating businesses receive increased visibility, connections with other independent business owners, and a meaningful way to give back to the community that supports them.

Small businesses in Southeast Missouri are invited to become a member by pledging a percentage of their profits to United Way through direct business contribution or employee investment. Examples of events include share nights in which area restaurants and retailers donate a percentage of profits, a Realtor or Mortgage Broker could pledge $25 for each closing, a Sign Company could pledge $25 for a order over $500 in a quarter of their choosing, or Financial Advisers could do the same and pledge $25 per new client in a quarter of their choosing. The percentage and timing is all up to you and your team. 

For more information on this program, contact Raechel Reinitz.

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