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Think you know poverty?

Think you know poverty? Take this quiz


1. Inequality of incomes has improved in the last 25 years. (True/False)

2. People graduate from college to become doctors, lawyers, politicians, judges, social workers, educators and fill many other professions without ever having studied the history of poverty --its structural causes, or the models we have used to address poverty in America. (True/False)

3. People earning minimum wage are able to afford a modest, two bedroom apartment in America. (True/False)

4. The Federal Poverty Guideline is an accurate indicator of how many people live in poverty in America. (True/False)

5. The majority of American’s believe poverty is caused by people’s behavior and bad choices. (True/False)

6. Prison will solve poverty related problems. (True/False)

7. People in poverty are to blame for drugs, alcohol, sex abuse, child abuse, domestic violence and other social ills. (True/False)

8. Parents who do not go to school conferences must not care about their children. (True/False)

9. Head Start, the preschool program designed for children in poverty, is available to all four-year old who live in poverty. (True/False)

10. People get rich by begging on the streets, getting welfare and having babies to get more welfare. (True/False)

11. People in poverty are irresponsible because they buy cable television, cigarettes, and Nike shoes. (True/False)

12. If you work hard, you will move up the economic ladder in the American labor market. (True/False)

Check out the answers here

Source: Communications Across Barriers


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