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Donor Spotlight: Shelly Kaiser

1.    How long have you lived in this community?

My whole life! This is my hometown - I grew up here, went to school here, work here and play here. 

2.    What is your occupation?

I've been in banking for over 25 years. I'm currently a Universal Banker at Alliance Bank.

3.    What are you passionate about?

I love making people laugh and smile. It makes me feel good!

4.    What are your hobbies?

Advocacy, volunteering and spending time with my friends and family. 

5.    What do you love most about this community?

People care! If there's a problem or opportunity, they care about it enough to unite and make a difference.

6.    How long have you been a United Way donor?

18+ years

7.    Why do you choose to support your community through United Way?

I donate to United Way because EVERYONE benefits from the many funded programs. My employer offers payroll deduction, so it's convenient and easy!

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