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Allocations Review Process

As Director of Operations and Community Impact, one of my responsibilities is leading our annual allocations process- a several week process that recently culminated in our 2015 allocations announcements earlier this week. I often get the question of what that process looks like, which has prompted me to write this blog.

United Way of Southeast Missouri creates and sustains solutions for our community by ensuring people have the building blocks, education, income and health, for opportunity. To make certain that we have the optimal impact on our community, United Way uses a volunteer-driven allocations process. The allocations process is the cornerstone of our United Way. It ensures fiscal and program accountability for all agencies receiving United Way funds while meeting the social services needs of our community. In the process, volunteers challenge each agency’s effectiveness at providing services, review the need for those services in the region, and analyze the impact of United Way funding in meeting those needs. The Review Panel composes of 20-25 volunteers from throughout the community representing diversity in experience, gender, race, and age.

Given the many needs that exist in our community, the Review Panel faces the challenge of recommending United Way funds in a way that will have the most impact on community problems.  After carefully considering the priority needs of the community, the Review Panel makes recommendation about agency funding to the United Way Board of Directors. This process allows community input into how decisions are made for agencies in the Southeast Missouri area. A network of checks and balances is created by the continuous monitoring of the agencies receiving funding so that the United Way can be accountable for donor contributions and funding decisions.

For information  about our 2015 Allocations Announcements, please click here.

If you are interested in being part of the Allocations Review Panel, call the office at 573-334-9634 or email me at
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