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1.    How long has your business been in operation?

 Shivelbine's Music store has been in operation for 65 years!

2.    What services does your business provide?

We sell, rent, and service a large variety of musical instruments.

3.    What do you enjoy most about being a small business owner?

I love being able to work with the family and also the employees.

4.    What do you love the most about this community?

 I absolutely love Downtown Cape!

5.    Why do you choose to support your community through the United Way?

 The community has supported Shivelbine's Music for 65 years so this is us giving back to the community.
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The “summer slide” is not the newest addition to the water park and it is not the latest video game. It is not a ride you want any child in our community to be on. Unfortunately, too many of them are.

“Summer slide,” the common term for the loss of learning that occurs during the summer months when students are not in school, happens to most youth at some level, particularly in math. However, low-income youth lose about two months, about 22 percent of the school year, in reading while their middle-income peers actually make slight gains, according to the National Summer Learning Association. Even more concerning is the accumulative effect “summer slide” has on low-income children. By fifth grade, they average 2.5 to 3 grades behind.

60 percent of low-income families do not have age-appropriate books at home. Kids just simply aren’t reading in the summer and so they slide backward. Only about one-third of low-income youth participate in a summer learning opportunity and so they continue to slide backward.

“Summer slide” is affecting hundreds of children each year in our community¬≠-but it doesn’t have to.

There’s still time for kids to pick up a book this summer. Research shows that reading just six books during the summer may keep a struggling reader from regressing. Take your children to your local library or bookstore and let them pick out a book they’re going to love today. They will be better readers tomorrow for it.

Are your kid’s grown? The success of all children in your community should still be important to you. Help children avoid the “summer slide” by supporting the United Way of Southeast Missouri’s education impact efforts. Drop off new or gently used books to our office at 430A Broadway, Cape Girardeau or visit our website, and donate directly to our Education initiatives.

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1.    How long has your business been in operation?

Service Master has been in operation since July 1st, 1986. 

2.    What services does your business provide?

At Service Master we provide Fire, Water, Mold, Wind Storm Emergency Service and full cleaning and construction services: Residential Cleaning  services, Commercial Janitorial, and Project cleaning services.

3.    What do you enjoy most about being a small business owner?

I enjoy the freedom and independence to do things my way, to lead the staff to do things the right way.

4.     What do you love most about this community?

I like the small town atmosphere, knowing a wide range of business owners and doing business with people who have the same small town values as I have.  

5.    Why do you choose to support your community through United Way?

 The United Way does or has supported many of the same organizations I have volunteered my time to help in the past 28 years that I have lived in the Cape/Jackson area.

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