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ABCToday Supports Education
Due to health issues, Maya has struggled with educational success, which disrupts her attendance at school. Attendance affects performance and, not surprisingly, Maya's counselors reported she also lacked motivation to attend and do her best.
ABCToday, a program of BBBS that UWSEMO supports, measures Attendance, Behavior, and Coursework for all students in the Cape Girardeau Public Schools. ABCToday staff worked with Maya's school to design a support plan with the school and family to help Maya succeed.

ABCToday supports students in Cape Girardeau Public Schools.

ABCToday staff met regularly with Maya, providing help, encouragement, and motivation to turn in schoolwork. They also developed ways she could stay organized when unable to attend school. At the end of the school year, Maya was passing all her classes, and her attendance had improved by more than 50%!
Maya also has an older brother in high school. After seeing the support the ABCToday staff were able to give Maya, her mother asked that staff also work with her brother. ABCToday staff engaged the student and his counselor in developing a plan for her brother's success as well.  
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