Our Focus

The United Way of Southeast Missouri has evolved from its roots as a fundraising organization to a critical community convener that mobilizes local partners, including businesses, community leaders, public officials and community residents, to expand opportunities for people to succeed. We focus on building blocks that lead toward a good quality of life: helping children become successful adults, helping families meet their basic needs while working toward self-sufficiency, helping our senior citizens live independently as long as possible through support services, and impacting the future of our abused and neglected through advocacy and education.

Our Community Impact Agenda for Change (pictured to the right)identifies goals, objectives, and approaches to accomplish specific targets that will create sustained changes in community conditions for generations to come. An example of this impact is the work we have done to support our public schools in helping their students be successful through the support and collaboration of out-of-school time programs that complement and support  a student's success. Since our Community Impact Agenda has been implemented, we have seen the graduation rate increase significantly in our area.

The key to success of this work is collaboration, working with all sectors of the community focused on specific community-level objectives. Our unique role in the community is bringing people to the table with passion, expertise and resources to make a difference. We want to facilitate a shared community vision and coordinated action across all sectors of our community as everyone has something to contribute.